Manchester United 3



Manchester United 2

For everyone laughing at Manchester United, allow me to tell you a story.

Railway workmen came together to play football once and dared to dream. A dream to make something more of their lives. That is Manchester United.

The team lost its first ever competitive game 6-0 to Bolton Reserves. It got relegated in its second season of competitive football. In January 1902, it was asked to shut down because of debts. It didn’t. Instead it came back up and won the league, a FA Cup and a charity shield 2 years later. That is Manchester United.

From 1922 to 1940, United were
relegated again and again and again. Faced with bankruptcy in 1931, United were on the verge of disaster again. Instead, the team held on and fought on.

Finishing 2nd in 1947, 1948 and 1949; 1st in ’52, 55 and 56. It won the FA Cup in 1948 and became
the first English team to play in Europe. It had to wait 41 years for glory. That is Manchester United.

A plane took off on February 6, 1958. To greatness it seemed. And came crashing down. 8 players died. Facing despair and doom, the club fought on. It reached the final of the FA Cup that year. Without a first team, it plodded on and rebuilt. 7 years later, as the fallen 8 smiled from above, the team won the title in 1965 and 1967. And the European Cup in ’68. That is Manchester United.

For 25 years it waited to win again,
getting relegated, losing Managers and players as rivals laughed. It didn’t fall then either. A league title in 1992, a double in ’93 and a treble in ’99. That is Manchester.

Blood, toil, sweat and tears. That is Manchester United.

Our squad needs a reshuffle you say. Our tactics are outdated you say. You laugh because you think we are down. You laugh because you think we are lost.

We smile because we have seen it all. We smile because we know we will ALWAYS be back. Wins from incredible positions. Glory from the darkest despair. That is Manchester United.

We are Manchester United.
This is why I love this team,
We may not be the best team in the
world, we may not be the greatest of them all but we are the most
inspirational team ever!
That is what separates us from others, we are a team to look on to.
I don’t know, when we’ll be back, maybe this year, maybe next, maybe in 5-10 years time, but believe me down and out? Not a bit of it. We’re never out. And no, this is not blind faith, but belief.

Manchester United Forever!!

I’m a true RedDevil!

(Got goosebumps all over me when i read it!)