How I Taught Myself To Not Give A Shit.

Little Miss Caffeinated

Could we be any less or any more concerned about the things that we are rn? Will we humans ever move past the petty stuff that we think is worth wasting a whole day or an hour over? Could we find the capability to look at the bigger picture and make ourselves realize that what we think about as super important and influencing is nothing but a little something that isn’t going to make much sense and isn’t going to matter 5 years from now. All it would be is a simple normal day. We moved past all days we thought we couldn’t, and we would move past this too.

This is something i learnt the hard way. A certain someone who holds the most important place in my life told me that sometimes it is better to be nonchalant, it was almost a month later that i realized that…

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“See, He’s Her Lobster!”

Little Miss Caffeinated

in a world like ours has become to say “fallen in love” is as easy and small as saying i just ate a whole pizza. we seem to forget that it is however a Maleficent feeling also a very difficult one to cope up with.

people say you should always say what you feel, never keep it inside for it may end up in something very drastic. but many things in this world are easier said than done, confessing being one of them. because not even Rachel could tell Ross that she loved him when he was going to marry Emily despite gathering the courage to fly to London for the sole purpose of telling him that she loved him. if you come to think of it, why didn’t she tell him after all? simply because she realized that she was late. it doesn’t actually matter that Ross ended…

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To love or not to love, that is the question.

Little Miss Caffeinated

Thinking about love, there can be two ways you can ponder over it. One is not believing in it at all, the other is believing it to be the force that makes the world exist and work as it does. Yeah, so in other words, people might relate to it as one of the religions in the world.

At one point you might realize that you are hopelessly in love with someone, you think about him at all points of the day and night, all the time that you’re awake and if you’re lucky, he might come in your dreams! And at another time you might feel like there is no point in being in love after all.

Keeping it along, I’ve been quite a fan of the twenty second rule. For those who’re living under a rock, the twenty second rule says that all it takes is twenty seconds…

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