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Secret behind creating quality UX for Web Applications

A web app which is inconvincible and inefficient will not get as much users as desired by it’s creators. Designing User Experience is hard, up to an extent, but if you know the secret behind it, then it is piece of cake!

Creating User Experience is not only about making stuff in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. There is much more to do before actually going into softwares. If you know all these secrets perfectly, then you’re halfway there already.

Secret behind creating quality UX for Web Applications –

  • Plan before starting anything
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Don’t create what is already created
  • Organize everything
  • Think of new users
  • Maintain consistency
  • Speed and Performance

Plan before starting anything

When you have finally understood what you have to make, you can break down the whole idea into short pieces. Always go in flow, step-by-step. Never jump to things directly. Decide the flow of the application before starting to write lines of code.

Keep it short and simple

The more short and simple User Experience you create, the more your users can understand it. Many users are lost due to bad UX as they don’t want to waste time understanding it. The UX should be self explanatory. Don’t do more than you have to.

Don’t create what is already created

Repetition is death of art. – Pablo Picasso

Users love to have new experiences. If you give them what they already have, they are not going to like it. Try to invent some design of your own and implement it in your application. Believe me, even if it is new, users will love using it. Provided, it is really something useful and makes users’ job easy.

Organize everything

Life’s more fun when you’re organized.

It is easy to find features of your web application if they are organized and users can access them easily. Even if you have created world class features, but they are not organized and your users cannot access it, they will be useless. Similar and related contents should be clustered together.

Think of new users

You should always keep in mind that new users are not connected to your web application fully until they actually start using all your features. If they are not guided properly after signing up, they are going to stop using the application. Create proper guidance for using and accessing all the features of your web app. Never show blank space to new users, either fill content before hand or guide them before to show personalized content.

Maintain consistency

Your web application must be consistent. Some really good web apps showing off consistency are Facebook, Twitter, and many other apps. Making your features consistent will make sure that users have access to them everywhere in your web application. Consistency greatly boosts User Experience and makes user interaction with your web app easy. This will help you prevent users from getting lost in your web app.

Speed and Performance

This is an actual screenshot of our website tested on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Your User Experience should not hold back your web application and reduce its speed. User Experience should always be designed in a way that it could boost your web app’s speed as well as performance.

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