LG’s Android Smartwatch Promises “Always on display”

LG has put up a teaser page for it’s Smartwatch – G Watch-operating on the Android system and it will have an “Always On” Display

That’s unlike Samsung’s range of Galaxy Gear watches, which keep the screen turned off until you flick your wrist upwards.

The first difficulty which the makers of the technology may have overcomes is the battery issue;as the battery has to be compact and if the display is used 24/7 the drain of battery is going to be humongous.

LG doesn’t explain what technology it’s using for its always-on screen, but a couple possibilities come to mind: It could be a “transflective” display .Another potential option would be Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology, which can stay on for days in full color.

We’ll get some concrete answers in the next two or three months, when LG and Motorola are expected to launch their smartwatches.

LG also said the watch will be water and dust resistant, and will come in both black with a black wrist strap and “champagne gold” with a white strap.

Stay tuned for more information!


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