t-JAYS Four Earphones – Review

The t-JAYS Four is the fourth segment in the t-JAYS series which comes with a few more upgrades to the t-JAYS Three which we reviewed months back. This is the top-end model in the t-JAYS line-up, benefiting from the three-button handsfree kit and remote control seen in the other “Four” Jays earphones.

This is how JAYS describes it’s earphones:

The t-JAYS Four iPhone comes loaded with a wide range of great features making this one of the most versatile remote earphone products on the market. The durable Kevlar reinforced cable and the slim t-JAYS earphones are designed and engineered together in a unique way to become one of the most comfortable earphones you’ve ever experienced. Dividable cables, two-way wear possibilities, full feature remote are only a few of all the features you get with our t-JAYS Four.

The remote on the t-JAYS Four is a three-button remote with SMART-feel soft touch flat/convex buttons for perfect grip and carefully selected state-of-the-art components giving you a complete full-feature solution and options to play/pause music and videos, answer/hang up calls, skip songs, volume up/down and voice control etc. Read more about all the features on the remote instructions tab.

To reduce cable noise and ensure comfort the t-JAYS is designed to also be worn with the earphone cable behind your ear. If you’re in sport-mode this is a great benefit since the ear will absorb weight and noise and make the ergonomics much better. The angled sound tube design and unique cable position will make the earphone fit flat inside your ear which is not only great for everyday usage but also decrease the risk of the earphones dropping out of the ear canal.

We believe most people from time to time have thought that the cables are too long or too short. To help you out a bit we have made dividable cables on the t-JAYS Four iPhone meaning you can choose between having your iPhone or iPod in your shirt pocket, t-shirt sleeve or jeans pocket. Any way you want you still get the the perfect cable length and the t-JAYS Four remote easy to reach.

The t-JAYS Four are developed for one purpose only. To match your iPod, iPhone or iPad and let you enjoy and get as much out of them as possible. Not only do the features and buttons provide you with full control, but the design is also made to match your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 perfectly. We are therefore proud to mark this product as…



 The packaging done by JAYS for this earphone is the same as the t-JAYS Three. We do not have any complaints regarding the packaging. Good job JAYS.


Those familiar with the Four’s predecessor will find many similar design traits on this latest iteration, with a few added touch points. Like all of Jays’ models, the Four is all black, layered in soft matte plastic. Flat plates designed to hold the headset firmly in the ear extend from the back of the plastic buds, accented with chrome panels on the exterior that bring a touch of flash to the design. The removable silicone tips at the opposing side of the earbuds surround the Four’s relatively large 10 mm dynamic drivers.

 The Jays handsfree housing is as light as a feather. It’s a three-button jobbie designed for use with iOS devices. A pinhole mic sits on the back to let you take calls, and the buttons offer full playback control over your music. The side buttons alter volume while the central button takes on multiple music duties – one tap for play/pause, two to skip to the next track and three to head back a track.

Audio Performance:

Trying out some treble heavy songs they deal with it like I like a good dynamic to.  A hint of splash with just the faintest edge.  Then it enters that shimmery slow decay and if things get busy they smear into a wonderfully shimmery cacophony.  It’s very pleasing and despite pumping out a lot of treble remains gentle on the ear.  That’s the sort of thing I very much like.  If you like you’re treble more bighting and aggressive then it’s not likely to be one for you.  Quantity wise it’s very much in line with the mids. 

It’s a pretty big and open dynamic.  So much so I thought on first use I didn’t have a seal.  They are very open for an IEM so you don’t get a lot of isolation.  In itself that’s not a bad thing it’s a choice.  One that does get you that great big dynamic sound and is arguably rather safer if your note always the best at looking about for traffic.  These I could probably live with for out and about but for a long flight or Tube commute, not a chance.  Still with music going probably enough to get you run over if you aren’t looking.

The microphone was also great. The other person could hear us properly.


 Technical Specifications:

Type 10 mm TCD Dynamic Speaker
Sensitivity 98dB @ 1kHz
Impedance 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
Frequency Response 15 Hz – 25 000 Hz


Finish Rubber Coated Black / Metal
Isolation -40dB @ 2kHz
Size (L)17.5 x (W)6.9 x (H)14.8 mm
Weight 10 grams (0.35 oz)


Type Dividable TPE coated & Kevlar reinforced cables
Length 60 cm (23.5 in) + 70 cm (27.5 in)
Plug Straight, Silver-Plated Stereo Plug 3.5mm (1/8 in)


  • Warm sound
  • Interesting design
  • Sweet volume controls
  • In-built mic 


  •  A bit expensive 


Although it’s mentioned its only for iPhone and iPod, it will work with other phones like Android and Windows, but the volume controls work only with iOS devices. The mic and play/pause button works with Android and Windows. This earphone is prices at $130, which is a tad bit expensive for such a earphone. But the features provided with these earphones are exceptional.


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