Samsung Galaxy Golden

Samsung realised that it’s Galaxy Golden was highly priced. The galaxy golden was earlier set at Rs.51,900. But now it didn’t attracted a lot customers so  it gave it a massive price cut of approx Rs.20,000. Now the Galaxy Golden is now available at Rs.29,999.

The features of Galaxy Golden:-A 3.7 inch display inside & outside. The Flip phone has two display, inside & outside that is after opening the device. The two way display is a very innovative and attractive design that Samsung has built.
The Galaxy Golden haves Dual core processor of 1.7Ghz.
It has a extra ordinary RAM of 1.5GB.
The rear camera is of 8MP and the front camera is of 1.9MP.
The Galaxy Golden have Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
The battery is of 1850mAh.

If one have to buy a Unique smartphone then only the Galaxy Golden is worth otherwise at the same price range there is the Samsung’s previous flagship device that is the Galaxy S4.

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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy Golden

  1. Samsung smartphone galaxy golden is just Rs.29,999 unbelivable this reducing……then everyone easily buy a new new galaxy golden enjoy and utilize this offer……..

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