Calling feature arriving soon on WhatsApp

Yes, you heard it right. WhatsApp is looking forward to include voice calling feature in its mobile application. I was translating some of the strings on and i came across few strings which indicated the calling feature which WhatsApp is thinking to include in its application. You can see the strings in the Images Below.

The date of launch of this feature is not yet noticed. But I hope that the update containing this feature will be out soon. WhatsApp may launch a Beta program like Facebook and other applications to test this feature first before making it available to everyone. So keep an eye out for the Beta program of you want to be a part of it. I will undoubtedly inform all my readers at when this feature is out. This is the first big update which WhatsApp is having after it being acquired by Facebook. This feature can prove out to be very popular among WhatsApp’s users. There is no word out yet that will this feature will be paid or free.
There are many other applications like Viber, WeChat, Skype, etc. which provides the voice calling feature. Let us see what new WhatsApp has planned for us. 

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