Nokia Asha line-up gets an OS update

Nokia’s newest Asha phones the Asha 500, 501, 502, 503 and 230, both single and dual SIM  variants, will get the software upgrade, Nokia said on Monday. They all run Nokia Asha OS.
OS upgrade adds free MixRadio music service, camera features and integration with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service.

Except owners of the Asha 230, Nokia MixRadio will allow Asha users to stream music for free based on the artists they pick, but they won’t be able to select specific songs.
Camera upgrade include a voice-guided self-portrait feature, which tries to make up for the lack of a front camera by helping the user aim the back camera without seeing the screen and also adds video stabilization and a panorama feature.

The integration with Microsoft’s OneDrive will let users upload videos and photographs upto 7GB for free to the cloud storage service automatically or manually.
Fastlane, a key OS feature that lists recently accessed contacts, social networks and apps, will now also display Twitter re-tweets and Facebook “likes”, as well as birthday reminders.

An access control feature lets adults place limits on how minors use the phones browser and on what they’re able to buy from the app store.


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